QCD - Queensland Crash Data

What is QCD? Searching the database

Whilst driving is something that all take for granted, car crashes and their aftermath still take a toll on the lives of so many people. Thankfully, due to advances in technology around vehicle construction, road technologies and safety measures road crashes are on the decline.

The Queensland Government collects data on road crashes across Queensland and has data collected since the beginning on 2001.

Here you can search for road crashes in a location or by a road name to find crashes that have occurred. This can then be further filtered to focus on key details.

Why have this available?
Having access to this data may inform your understanding of what roads may be dangerous and why, help you avoid dangerous intertersections, or simply make you aware of areas where you need to be extra vigilant.

On the Info page there is an unpacking of all the data that can be searched in this data.

Enter in a road name or location. This could be a either a Street name, or a suburb/town. The information initially displayed will be a complete list of all crash data in that street or location in data over from most recent. Once the page is loaded click the filters to adjust the data displayed.