Westside Christian College ITPLAYground

Digital Solutions & Digital Technologies

This is our web portal for our Database system using PHPmyAdmin - along with other examples from Years 9-12.

Students will be working on projects that involve our 'Stack' system.

This involves using HTML/CSS to develop User Interfaces, PHP to code a database interaction,

and PHPmyAdmin to manage the system in which there is a mySQL database.

Year 11s complete FA1, FA2 and FA4 (with FA3 being an Exam)

Year 9s-10s complete tasks involving HTML/CSS and Javascript, along with a look at Python. Our Javascript examples are included here.

Year 12s complete IA1, IA2 and IA3

The 2023 version of IA3 is an JS AJAX example drawing live data from SpaceX Data API (no login)

The 2022 version of IA3 is an JS AJAX example drawing live data from QldTraffic API

The 2021 version of IA3 has two elements to it - APOD and Curiosity. Check it out.

The 2022 version of IA2 is a great Movie database working prototype.

The 2022 version of IA2 (really IA1) Pokémon is a great way of researching Pokémon - this was based on IA1 data in early 2022.

The 2020 version of IA2 has two versions of a swimming database for a swimming carnival.

The 2022 version of IA1 is the latest edition being an example of using Qld Crash data - this is actually a 'dummy site' with no actual connection with a database (IA1 is non-coded low-fidelity).

The IA2 site requires a login. Just make one and get started. It's easy!