Westside Christian College IT playground

Digital Solutions & Computer Studies

This is our web portal for our Database system using PHPmyAdmin.

Students will be working on projects that involve our 'Stack' system.

This involves using HTML/CSS to develop User Interfaces, PHP to code a database interaction,

and PHPmyAdmin to manage the system in which there is a mySQL database.

Year 12s complete IA1, IA2 and IA3

The IA2 and IA3 sites require a login. Just make one and get started. It's easy!

The 2021 version of IA3 has two elements to it - APOD and Curiosity. Check it out.

The 2022 version of IA2 is a great Movie database working prototype.

The 2022 version of IA1 (& IA2) Pokémon is a great way of researching Pokémon.

The 2021 version of IA2 has two versions of a swimming database for a swimming carnival.

Mr Lloyd