Road Data

Overarching question: How safe are our roads?

It would seem that although there are too many fatalities on the road, the numbers are reducing over time. As car safety improves so the numbers of fatalities drop. Still, over 1000 deaths on the road in 2020 is not a great thing. I think as autonomous driving takes hold we will see these vehicles create an environment that is far safer on our roads.


1 What is the most dangerous day of the week to drive?

The data tells us that Saturday is the most dangerous, with Friday having over 1000 events less

2 Is Christmas more dangerous than Easter?

The data tells us that Christmas is a far more dangerous time than Easter

3 Are fatalities reducing over time?

Choose any 3 years to compare

The data tells us seemingly that things are getting better over time, although sometimes it goes up over some years. Overall though, there is a downward progression

4 Should I ride a motorbike?

Use the following Motorbike numbers compared against car numbers

On the face of it it looks like Riding a Motorbike is safer - but this is hard to Read due to less people riding. It is common wisdom that riding a bike is far more dangerous.